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Turning Passion Into Action

The mission of the Susitna River Coalition is to support the 312 mile long, free-flowing, Susitna River and the healthy communities and ecosystems it sustains from the headwaters in the Alaska Range to the outflow in Cook Inlet.


SRC is committed to protecting a vibrant river and the natural and human systems it supports. Our near-term priority continues to be focused on stopping the construction of the massive Susitna-Watana Dam while engaging in a range of watershed protection issues around water rights and river designation policy changes that could have a significant impact on the region. SRC organizes to develop strategies for watershed protection and implementing safeguards for the region’s biodiversity amidst a rapidly changing climate.       


SRC is one of the only Alaska based, grassroots conservation organizations between Anchorage and Fairbanks. We recognize that our strength comes from a sustained and committed grassroots voice that reflects a diverse view of issues affecting the Susitna region – one of the fastest growing regions of Alaska. We build on our core strengths of regional organizing and being a credible voice for community interests, and take a long-view approach to promote our healthy watershed resources.

Besides fighting dams, what does SRC do?


The Susitna River Coalition Stewards our Watershed.


SRC is best known for our response to the proposed Susitna Watana Hydropower project, which would decimate wildlife habitat as well as recreation and economic opportunities throughout the Susitna Watershed. Currently, thanks to the advocacy of many Alaskans, the dam is not an immediate threat, but the potential for development remains. In addition to staying abreast of any movement towards a dam, SRC engages residents of the Susitna Valley on issues relevant to clean energy and healthy habitat in our watershed. We have an all-volunteer board, a very small staff, and a membership of over 23,000!


The areas in which SRC works are varied, but all sustain our habitats, communities and a free flowing Susitna river.

Below are some of the specific areas where we focus.


Voice and Resource for our Region:

Through events, our speakers series and by continuously engaging our membership in advocacy, SRC serves as a resource to and voice of residents of the Susitna Valley.


Fish and Habitat:

SRC works to ensure safe fish passage by engaging in fish policy legislation, preventing the spread of invasive species, replacing culverts and restoring natural riverbanks.


Water Rights and Education:

SRC educates residents on how to apply for water rights on land. Land ownership itself does not guarantee water rights! SRC also works with our partner groups to find ways to permanently protect the Susitna River.


Clean Renewable Energy:

SRC Supports the development of energy sources that lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and preserves watershed habitats. Currently, SRC is collaborating with partner organizations to advocate for opening the railbelt electrical grid to independent (non-dam) renewable energy producers. We engage in board of directors elections for our local utility co-op, Matanuska Electric Association, supporting candidates that oppose Susitna-Watana and are in favor of diversified and ecologically responsible renewable projects.   



SRC monitors the impacts of current and potential resource extraction projects in our watershed.  The West Susitna Industrial Corridor is a 100+ mile industrial corridor that would bisect the Western Susitna Drianage. The proposed Donlin Mine would involve the construction of a gas line through Susitna Flats State Game Refuge, impacting wildlife corridors and fish-bearing streams. In addition, we are monitoring oil and gas discharge rules in Tikahtnu (Cook Inlet) and other projects as they arise to ensure a balance is found between habitat protections and responsible development.

Want to get more involved?


Become a sustaining member of SRC on our website or email us to volunteer!

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