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Tell AIDEA to Stay Out of the West Su!

Please sign our letter to Governor Dunleavy and the Alaska Legislature asking them to stop supporting AIDEA's West Su Industrial Corridor.

Governor Dunleavy and Alaska State Legislators,

I urge you not to support AIDEA’s proposed West Susitna Industrial Corridor, a project that will serve as a lynchpin for the irreversible industrialization of the Western Susitna Basin.

As was shown in the Mat-Su Borough's own outreach in 2022, the public does not support this road. More than  75% of people in the Mat-Su Borough do not support the project either as a public or private corridor.* More recently during the DOT draft STIP plan comment period of 2023, 87% of all online public comments were against this project. Before spending more money on another road the state won’t maintain with highly questionable, unproven economic benefits, Alaskans believe our money should be spent on projects that will benefit all Alaskans and our own small businesses – not put those livliehoods at risk through poorly thought through industrialization projects.


Our established Mat-Su industries of hunting, fishing, recreation, and the businesses they sustain build vibrant communities that support a unique, Alaskan way of life. This industrial corridor would hurt our communities and vital rural economies of the Mat-Su.

Alaska state funds should be spent to benefit Alaskans—not building another AIDEA boondoggle. Direct AIDEA to spend their time and money on projects that Alaskans need, not on destroying economically valuable and irreplaceable fish and wildlife habitat that provides food for our families and money in our pockets. Public funds should not be used to fund private industry. Private industry should pay its own way, not stand on the backs of hardworking Alaskans.

* Yehle & Associates LLC on behalf of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, "West Susitna Access Road Public Engagement Project: Comment & Outreach," April 15, 2022.

Tell AIDEA to Stay Out of the West Su

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