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How to Vote Online
2024 MEA Board Elections
Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Go to Then click on the blue “Pay Bill” at the top right corner of the page. Then click on "Log In".

MEA how to vote 1.png

Step 2. It will take you to this SmartHub account login page. If you already have a SmartHub account, log in with you email and password. (Skip to step 4.)

If you don’t have a SmartHub account, you can click on “Register now” and go to Step 3.

MEA how to vote 2.png

Step 3: Sign up for a SmartHub account. All you need is your MEA billing account number, your email and then you create a password. You don’t need to start paying your bills online, you can just sign up to vote. It won’t ask you for a credit card number.

MEA how to vote 3.png

Step 4: Once you log into your Smart Hub account, you will see a page like this. Click on the gray button that says “VOTE NOW” at the top.

MEA how to vote 4.png

Step 5: You will see this pop-up, and the you click on the orange button that says “Go To Ballot”. 

MEA how to vote 5.png

Your Name will Appear Here

Step 6: You will see this page with the names of the candidates in your district. Check the box next to the candidate you want to vote for. You can click on “View Bio” for more information on each candidate. Once you have checked a box, click on the orange button that says “Go to Ballot Confirmation".

MEA how to vote 6.png

Step 7: 

Then you will see the candidate you chose. Make sure it is the right one. If not, click on the “Change Votes” button. If it is the correct candidate, click on the orange button that says “Submit Ballot”.

MEA how to vote 7.png

Step 8: 

If you want to receive a confirmation email, enter your email. Then press the orange button that says “Continue”.

MEA how to vote 8.png

Step 9: Click on the orange button that says “End Session”. That’s it! Thank you for voting and caring about our energy future!

MEA how to vote 9.png
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