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West Susitna Mining Rd
The False Promise of Clean Power: Service
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3/17/24 Report promoting coal plan falls apart under analysis

3/14/24 Conservative legislators advance plan to give AIDEA blank check to borrow $300 million for 'critical minerals'

3/11/24 North Dakota study promoting coal presented as UAF study. Why?

3/4/24 State highway posts planning documents 

3/2/24 State says it filed revised highway plan by March 1 deadline, but fails to post it online

2/24/24 West Susitna funding plan disguises real cost of a Dunleavy pet project

2/23/24 Road planning debacle is the most serious failure of Dunleavy's time in office

2/15/24 Dunleavy administration refuses to admit its failings on giant road plan

2/14/24 State bumbling on federal highway plan puts entire construction season at risk

2/7/24 AIDEA needs an independent audit of where all the money goes

2/5/24 State Refusal to follow road planning rules puts summer highway construction season at risk

11/20/23 West Susitna Access Priority for Assembly

9/13/2023 A long-shelved railroad to the Mat-Su's Port MacKenzie could instead become a road

8/16/23 State shifts course on West Susitna access; will build shorter recreation road instead of 110-mile industrial access road

7/27/23 State to construct 15-mile public roadway in same area of controversial West Susitna Access project

9/30/22 Alaska economic development agency to pay for independent review after critical report​

8/13/22 Expensive West Susitna project will benefit foreign mining companies not everyday Alaskans

7/27/22 Group Forms to Support West Susitna Access Project

6/15/22 Alaska road project pits conservative lodge owners against conservative state administration

6/5/22 Proposed road to mining district draws more opposition

5/28/22 As federal permit review starts on road into West Susitna backcountry, public access remains priority

5/27/22 AIDEA applies for West Susitna Road permit

5/25/22 State-owned Alaska corporation advances plans for road through the Mat-Su

5/24/22 West Susitna Access Project Moves Forward in the Public Process

5/3/22 West Susitna Access Road

2/24/22 Public meeting held for proposed West Susitna Access Road

2/14/22 Plans for a disputed mega-road through the Susitna Valley backcountry are moving forward again

2/10/21 Dunleavy releases package of bond spending projects

12/27/21 State development corporation moves toward federal permits for planned 100-mile West Susitna access road

12/23/21 Borough Assembly votes to move forward with West Susitna Access Road

12/9/21 Mat-Su Assembly delays vote on West Susitna Access Road

11/5/21 AIDEA receives West Susitna Road funding​

11/1/21 AIDEA Accepts $8.5 Million for West Susitna Access Road​

3/17/21 AIDEA updates Assembly on West Susitna Access, meets mayoral skepticism

4/17/20 AIDEA has second resource road initiative underway, this one west of Susitna​

4/11/20 The West Susitna Road Project is proceeding full steam ahead​

12/7/20 AIDEA holds virtual public meeting for West Susitna Access project

10/29/19 Mat-Su Borough, AIDEA sign West Susitna access project agreement

10/28/19 Mat-Su Borough signs memo with AIDEA for West Susitna access project​

10/24/19 Mat-Su, state corporation envision road to mining and timber areas west of Susitna River

2/13/14 Roads to Resources adds West Susitna, stalls other projects

Opinions and Blogs


9/7/23 Opinion: Is Alaska making Wise Highway Decisions? by Tom Agosti-Gisler

9/6/23 Letter: Destroying the Last Frontier, by Steve Perrins

8/22/23 Letter: Many Moose will Die by Nick Cassara

8/19/23 Letter: We don't want West Susitna by Becky Long

4/14/23 Protect the Western Susitna River area from unnecessary development, Trustees for Alaska

3/30/23 Letter: What’s the real West Susitna access proposal? by Becky Long

9/15/22 Keeping the West Su Wild by Ramona DeNies, Wild Salmon Center

9/9/2022 OPINION: West Susitna Access Road is a waste of money and a dead end by Lee McKnight

8/9/22 Opinion: Wake up, Alaska: The West Susitna Access Project will cost half a billion dollars and benefit foreign mining companies, not everyday Alaskans by Todd Rust and Kevin Dana

5/14/22 OPINION: New report shows even more reasons why the West Su Access Road is a bad idea by Kirston Dixon

4/28/22 Letter: No to West Susitna Access by Gabe Kitter

4/13/22  OPINION: Alaskans deserve a better AIDEA by Andrea Feniger

3/2/22 WEST SUSITNA ACCESS ROAD, by Jacob Mannix, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

2/17/22 Sustaining the Susitna River in Alaska by Eric Booton, Trout Unlimited Alaska

1/10/22 Letter: Ill- Considered Road Project by Lynn Fuller

12/16/21 Letter: West Susitna road boondoggle by Michael Mason

10/26/21 West Susitna Road Project could be another AIDEA boondoggle by Heidi Knudsvig


5/15/2022 West Susitna Access Public Engagement Project: Comment and Outreach Summary

4/2022 Alaska Megaproject Update

6/2014 A History of Alaska's MegaProjects

Press Releases

9/15/22 More local businesses join the Alaska Range Alliance

5/31/22 Alaskan Business Owners Launch Six-Figure Media Buy to Stop AIDEA Dumpster Fire

5/24/22  Alaskans, business owners call on elected leaders to stop wasteful funding that threatens West Susitna economy, wild salmon

Recorded Public Meetings

3/31/23 West Susitna Access Road Wasilla Public Meeting at Evangelo's

3/23/22 West Susitna Access Mat-Su Borough Public Meeting #2

2/23/22 West Susitna Access Mat-Su Borough Public Meeting #1

Video and Podcast

9/1/23 West Susitna Access 2023-09-01

4/12/2023 Human Powered Travel in the West Susitna Drainage with Luc Mehl

5/15/2023 Ecology and Habitat of Salmon and Trout in the Susitna Basin Recreation Rivers

12/15/2022 The Oldest Hunting Lodge in Alaska with Steve Perrins

10/25/2022 WetFlySwing: Susitna River Coalition with Margaret Stern- Alaska Wild Salmon Conservation

01/20/2022 Archaeological Studies in the Susitna Watershed with Dr. Kathryn Krasinski

11/2021 Susitna River Coalition: Three Things to Watch

2/3/2021 Living and Farming in the Remote Susitna Watershed with Mike and Paula Williams

West Susitna Access Media

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