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Wild Su Feast 2023

Sunday, October 15, 2023
Denali Brewing Company, 
37083 Talkeetna Spur Rd


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Susitna River Coalition’s Wild Su Feast is a joyous event that celebrates the wild foods of the Susitna River Watershed and the communities that depend on them. For this 7th annual event, we are holding a community potluck and cooking competition with foods that grew, flew, walked, or swam in the Susitna Watershed. Some of past delicious entries have included caribou frankfurters, blueberry bear, and Kahiltna birch syrup ice cream. 





When: October 15th, 5pm-8pm

Where: Denali Brewing Company, 37083 Talkeetna Spur Rd. (Mile 2)

This community event celebrates the local and wild foods of the Susitna Watershed and the communities that rely on and enjoy them.  After the hard work of growing, harvesting and gathering foods, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing the bounty with our neighbors.

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How it Works:

Option One: Bring a dish that will serve at least six (6) people and attend FREE!

Ingredients must include something that Walked, Swam, Flew, Grew, or a Dessert using ingredients from the Susitna Watershed that you harvested, gathered and prepared.

Here are some examples:

Walked: Moose sausages

Swam: Grilled salmon with a lingonberry sauce.

Flew: Ptarmigan appetizers

Grew: Morel Cream Sauce

Dessert: Blueberry Tart

We will be creating a 2023 Wild Su Feast cookbook out of the dishes! Please bring the recipe or the ingredients list for your entry. 


Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dish.

There will be first, second and third prize people’s choice awards. 

*We can not accept any home-made alcoholic drinks this year*

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Option Two: Pay admission in advance and enjoy the potluck! 

Early Bird Adult: $25.00

Early Bird Adult, Current SRC Member: $15.00

*Contact to become a member today!*

Early Bird Youth (10 and under): $5.00

Option Three: Pay admission the day of the event

Day of Adult: $30.00

Day of Adult, Current SRC Member: $20.00

*Contact to become a member today!

Day of Youth (10 and under): $10.00

*Tickets are nonrefundable!*

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Sponsorship Opportunity:

Are you a business who wants to contribute and help? 

We rely on our local watershed businesses to run the event! Want to support the Susitna River Coalition's would appreciate any gift small or big to give away as a door prize in our raffle. Past donations from businesses include: gift cards to your business/store. Please contact melissa@susitnarivercoalition for more information and a sponsorship form. 

At the end of the event, we will compile a Wild Su Feast “Cookbook”! You can download or purchase a hard copy of the 2020 Cookbook HERE

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