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West Susitna Mining Rd

The West Susitna Industrial Access Corridor

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Basic Stats: West Susitna Industrial Access Corridor

Who?: AIDEA (Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority), the Mat Su Borough, NOVA Minerals (An Australian gold mining corporation).


What?: 100+ mile gravel industrial access corridor.


Where?: The industrial corridor begins at Port Mackenzie and ends at the Whiskey Bravo strip in the Eastern Alaska Range.


Price Tag: Current cost est. $450 million for a private industrial gravel road.


Public V Private: AIDEA has been inconsistent and misleading with public messaging depending on who they are talking to. 


AIDEA: AIDEA is a state-funded corporation with a long history of failed projects like Port Mackenzie, Healy Clean Coal, Anchorage Seafood Process Plant, and the Mustang Project.

The False Promise of Clean Power: Service
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