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Help us Meet the Match! Matching Grant and Public Comment Periods


Double the Impact of Your Donation We are 3/4 of the way to meeting our Goal!


Help us reach our goal of $2000! So far, our supporters have donated $1375. We are SO Close! The Susitna River Watershed provides so much to those that call it home. Berries from its tundra slopes, fish from its rivers, and wild game in its forests. Each of us harvest from and enjoys this beautiful watershed of ours in different ways. Let's give back by conserving the Watershed's integrity! With many threats to the Susitna Watershed amplified during this spring season, we need YOUR help to protect it. What are the ways that you get out in the watershed? Do you hunt, fish, gather, grow? At the Susitna River Coalition, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of the watershed so that all of us can enjoy its bounty for generations to come. Give to your watershed and double your donation!

Pick from the berry patch --- Head to the fishing hole --- Hunt the caribou herd.

The Berry Patch: The Fishing Hole: The Caribou Herd: $5-100 $100-250 $250-500 Receive a SRC Sticker An SRC T-shirt Wild Su Feast Cookbook


We are still taking answers on our West Susitna Access Road Survey. Have you taken it? We want to hear what questions you want answered, and how you get out in the watershed. There is even a spot for you to record your public comment so that we can submit it for you. What do you think about the West Susitna Access Road?



West Susitna Access Road & The Mat Su Borough Budget Meetings


There will be one more opportunity for public comment on the Matanuska Susitna Borough annual Budget on May 6 @ 6PM at Su Valley High in Talkeetna. Included in the proposed budget is $100,000 of Borough money to spend or be spent on the West Susitna Road. Why is AIDEA, with $400 million dollars available for spending, asking the Mat-Su Borough for $100,000 more dollars on a project that has the potential to turn into an expensive money sink of maintenance?


May 6 @ 6PM in Person at Su Valley High in Talkeetna Ways you can participate in the Assembly meeting: IN PERSON: Should you wish to attend in person, please adhere to a 6-foot distance between yourself and others as much as possible. IN WRITING: You can submit written comments to Those who wish to observe the meeting may do so by the live stream video at You do not have to be a Facebook user in order to view the live stream.


Join the SRC Facebook Page and West Su Access Information Facebook Group for more updates. Please remember to take our West Susitna Access Road Survey to assist in our outreach efforts AND make sure you never miss a public comment period!


Supplemental Wetlands Mitigation Ordinance:

New Opportunity for Public Comment



The Supplemental Wetlands Mitigation Ordinance will come before the Mat Su Borough Planning commission on Monday, May 3, 2021. Why is Wetlands Mitigation Important? Public Testimony is Welcome! IN PERSON. Should you wish to testify in person, please adhere to the 6-foot distance between yourself and others. It is required to wear a mask for anyone entering or attending meetings in MSB facilities. IN WRITING: You can submit written comments to the Planning Commission Clerk at TELEPHONIC TESTIMONY: Dial 1-855-290-3803; you will hear “Joining conference” when you are admitted to the meeting. You will be automatically muted and able to listen to the meeting. When the Chair announces audience participation or a public hearing you would like to speak to, press *3; you will hear, “Your hand has been raised.” When it is your turn to testify, you will hear, “Your line has been unmuted.” State your name for the record, spell your last name, and provide your testimony.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our work or would like to get more involved. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for updates. Thank you for your support! SRC Board Members: Mike Wood, Whitney Wolff, Becky Long, Laura Wright, Howard Carbone, and Heidi Knudsvig

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