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Growing Peonies in the Bush & Resolution RS 20-123 Update

Our Winter Speaker Series is Back! Join us on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 @ 5:30PM

From Family Hunting Lodge to Family Farm: The Path to Peonies in the Remote Susitna River Watershed

Mike and Paula Williams of EagleSong Farm are entering their 28th year living off the road system in the Susitna River Watershed.

The Williams family venture started out as a Hunting and Fishing lodge, taking advantage of the robust salmon runs in the area. With the introduction of Northern pike and the subsequent salmon bust, “Bush ingenuity” and love of the area led them to reinvent their home. Mike and Paula have now created a successful off-road, off-grid, bush plane supported peony farm that can transport peonies to the U.S., Canada, and Asia – in less than 48 hours!

We are excited to welcome Mike and Paula and hear stories about their experiences in the Watershed and the path that led to their current venture. This event will be online through the Zoom link provided on our Facebook Event as well as streamed Via Facebook Live.

The Veto Was Upheld!

The Mat-Su Borough has been in the process of formulating a Wetlands Mitigation Ordinance for some time. In December, Resolution RS 20-123 was introduced as a Stop Work Order for this Ordinance. Thankfully, with 100% of public comments in opposition of the Resolution, Mayor Vern Halter issued a Veto. This veto allowed the Resolution to come back to the Assembly a second time on January 19th.

Once again, with strong comments of opposition, the Veto was upheld and Resolution RS 20-123 has been overturned. This is a victory for wetlands of the Mat-Su Borough and all life that they support. But the work is not done, and there will be many opportunities for public comments in the months to come. We will keep you updated so that you can make your voice heard.

"A Wetland Mitigation Policy is not something to be feared-- it is a positive step forward." -Mayor Halter

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