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Comment on Legislative Priorities


West Susitna Industrial Corridor in the 

**Acting locally by making public comments is an easy and effective way to make change in your community. Our elected officials are tasked with acting on behalf of us, the public. A simple email is all that it takes, and you can help shape the Mat-Su Borough into the future. 

Recently, the Mat-Su Borough released it's list of 2024 State and Federal Legislative Priorities. Included on the State Priorities is the continued support of the West Susitna Industrial Corridor. 

Despite the repeated outspoken opposition by its constituents, it is shocking that the Borough Assembly is now voicing support of this bad project.

In AIDEA public meetings, the public has voiced overwhelming opposition and repeatedly asked good questions that AIDEA could not answer. During Mat-Su Borough public outreach in 2022, 75-80% of the public was opposed. During the DOT draft STIP plan of September 2023, 87% of individuals in the online comments were opposed. The Fish and Wildlife Commission has also voiced strong concerns. In addition, the Borough Assembly itself has never voted in support of the project, only in support of learning more. The prior Mat-Su Borough Mayor, Vern Halter, spoke out in strong opposition to the project citing AIDEA’s terrible track record in the Mat-Su Valley.

Or, craft your own statement using these talking points

Please send your comments in by 12PM on November 21st 2023.


2024 Mat Su Borough Legislative Priorities

As the Mat-Su Borough hones in on its priorities for the coming year, the public should weigh in as to which items are in line with the future that they hope to see for their communities. 

While we applaud the Borough for improving and allocating resources to important issues such as fisheries protection, other priorities, like the West Susitna Industrial Corridor, have garnered robust public opposition over the years. 

The Borough Assembly should prioritize the desires of its constituents as it evaluates the Resolution of State and Federal Legislative Priorities.

The Mat-Su Borough Assembly will be holding a vote on the 2024 State and Federal Legislative Priorities on November 21st, 2023 at 6PM. 

See the Assembly Meeting Agenda here.

Read RS 23-104 , the State Legislative Priorities, here.  

Read RS 23-105, the Federal Legislative Priorities, here.

Public testimony will be accepted. Written Testimony will be accepted until 12PM on November 21st, 2023. 

See our tips and tricks for testimony here, and learn more about the issues below.

In Opposition: West Susitna Industrial Corridor: 

State Legislative Priorities, RS 23-104, Item C

The West Susitna Industrial Corridor is a proposed 100+ mile mining road that would cost the state, at a minimum, $450 million and alter the Western Susitna Basin forever. Learn more about the West Susitna Industrial Corridor here.

The SRC is strongly opposed to the Mat Su Borough supporting this project that Borough constituents have repeatedly voiced overwhelming opposition to. There are also many economic, ecological, and cultural reasons why this road project should not be pursued. 

Taking action using the above link takes less than a minute. 

Or, you can utilize these talking points to create your own message for the Mat-Su Borough Assembly. 

Please send your written comments in by 12PM on November 21st.

In Support: Fishery Management:

State Legislative Priorities, RS 23-104, Item N

Commercial, subsistence, and recreational fisheries are important both to the Mat-Su Borough economy and to livelihoods in the Susitna Watershed and broader Borough. 

The SRC is in support of enhanced fisheries management that increases our understanding of salmon populations in Borough waterways.

In Support: Fishery Protection- $2.5 Million:

State Legislative Priorities, RS 23-104, Item 8

As data gaps are identified in our Mat-Su Borough waterways and Cook Inlet, emphasis should be placed on filling these data gaps and problem solving with the resulting knowledge. Culvert replacement, weirs, stock analysis, economic impacts, and invasive species should all remain high priority to a holistic understanding of our Borough fisheries. 

The SRC is in support of utilizing funding to further these programs.

In Support: Fish Passage- $1 million

Federal Legislative Priorities, RS 23-105, Item 7

Adequate fish passage supports healthy fisheries in the Mat-Su borough. Modern culverts are integral to allowing fish to access their natal streams and proliferate to their fullest extent. 

The SRC is in support of supporting funding allocation towards fish passage.


Call for Volunteers!

Over the past year, The Susitna River Coalition has attended a wide variety of community and state-wide events. At these events, members of the public have provided us with information to keep them appraised of the goings ons in the Susitna Watershed. But, putting all of this information into a usable format takes a lot of work.

Would you like to help us? 

We have between 10-20 volunteer hours for folks! 

Volunteers receive a special gift of 2 tickets to any Denali Arts Council concert, and the many thanks of our staff. 

Please contact if you are interested

in lending a hand.

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