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CANCELLED -THIS Saturday!Join us for Talkeetna Trail Days!

Trail Days is CANCELLED for tomorrow (Saturday).

Due to the flood watch in our area, we are postponing our Talkeetna Trail Days event tomorrow. Please stay safe out there!

See the Facebook Event page for more information.


Putting the Pieces Together: West Susitna Industrial Access

ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT! Your Comments Needed!


In late July, the DOT introduced the state's draft STIP plan for 2024-2027. A surprise inclusion in this draft plan was the first 15 miles of the West Susitna Industrial Access Corridor and bridge across the Big Su. The total cost of this project is currently estimated at $82.5 million for the state of Alaska.

Alaska is overwhelmed with bad roads. The $82.5 million allocated for this portion of the industrial road could be used to fund existing road improvements or build other needed roads that have already been vetted and identified throughout Alaska. This sneaky shift in tactics to push through an unpopular project for industrial access isn’t fooling anyone.

To see the DOT STIP Project Summaries, Click Here.

To see the detailed DOT Extended Timeline, Click Here.

To learn more about West Susitna Industrial Access, Click Here.

Comments on the proposed 2024-2027 STIP funding are accepted until Sunday, September 3rd, 2023. This is a vital opportunity to make your voice heard in keeping the West Susitna Drainage a wild place. 

Comments can be made here.

*** Be sure to reference West Susitna Access, # 34206 in your comments.**

If you would like tips and talking points to utilize in your comments, see Here.

If you would like to get ahead of the curve and would like help preparing your testimony, please email

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