Wild Su Feast 2021

Online Feast Event Series
Susitna Watershed Cookbook
November 19th - December 3rd



Susitna River Coalition’s Wild Su Feast is a joyous event that celebrates the wild foods of the Susitna River Watershed and the communities that depend on them. In other years of this 5th annual event, we have held a cooking competition with foods that grew, flew, walked, or swam in the Susitna Watershed. Some of past delicious entries have included caribou frankfurters, blueberry bear, and Kahiltna birch syrup ice cream. 





In 2021 we are continuing our Virtual celebration! We will be holding a drawing with prizes, collecting recipes and images from YOU to create the 2021 Susitna Watershed Cookbook, and holding a series of online events with local food producers to connect and inspire us all.


The “Feast” will run from November 19th through December 3th. Instead of competing in categories, participants will earn entries into four grand prize drawings for gift cards to local restaurants and businesses in the Susitna Valley!

Each participant must REGISTER and then will have the opportunity to throw their name into the “drawing bowl” a number of times. Participants will earn an entry into the final drawing for each of the following activities (participants are able to earn a total of 10 entries each - though only one prize per participant):

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10 Lucky individuals will each win a $50 gift card to a local Upper Susitna business!!!


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1 Entry= Taking a photo of a dish featuring foods from the Susitna Watershed*
2 Entries = Creating a recipe for a dish featuring foods from the Susitna Watershed*
1 Entry =  Sending a photo of an ingredient being harvested in the Susitna Watershed*

1 Entry = Donating an item to your local food pantry
2 Entries = Posting a video of the dish being prepared*

2 Entries = Sharing a dish that includes local foods with a neighbor or group in need (honor system)
2 Entries = Buying event merchandise
(Merchandise can be found HERE)


Please e-mail photos, videos, recipes and submissions to margaret@susitnarivercoalition.org.

If you have social media, we encurage you to post your recipes and inspire your friends! You can use the hashtag #WildSuFeast and tag us on Instagram, @susitnarivercoalition OR tag us on Facebook

Have questions? E-mail margaret@susitnarivercoalition.org

At the end of the event, we will compile a Wild Su Feast “Cookbook”! You can download or purchase a hard copy of the 2020 Cookbook HERE

A giant THANK YOU to our 2021 event sponsors -

  • The Chase Community Council 

  • The Talkeetna Community Council,

  • The Mat-Su Health Foundation

  • Trout Unlimited, Alaska

  • Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

  • Flying Squirrel Bakery and Cafe

  • Alaska Wild Harvest

  • Denali Brewing Company

There is still time to sponsor this event!

Are you interested?

Email Melissa@SusitnaRiverCoalition.org.

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